Advertise Your Auto Business's Deals On TV
In "Great Local Deals" Commercials
Increase your business's visibility by being in “Great Local Deals” tv commercials in your area. Being in these commercials is a great way to advertise new customer discounts, smog inspection discounts or other offers on major tv channels and attract new customers.  Even if you have a small ad budget or think tv advertising is hard, you can now advertise your auto business on tv easily and for super low cost!
Be In "Great Local Deals" Commercials and Get:
  • Your auto business advertised on tv in minutes.
    Being in “Great Local Deals” commercials is simple. Just choose the package of commercials in your area to be in and then upload a photo of your business and tell us the deal you want advertised on tv.
  • Your deals shown on major channels in your area.
    “Great Local Deals ” commercials are shown on major tv channels in your area at high viewing times, including prime time!
  • A low price -- under $5 a commercial.
    For each package of commercials you buy, pay one all inclusive super low price – far lower than making your own commercials!
  • Great tv exposure and more customers.
    Being on tv dramatically raises your visibility and brings in new customers.
  • Flexibility – be in commercials as long as you want.
    There’s no contract – be in as many packages of “Great Local Deals” commercials as and when you want.
Below are suggested deals to make in your tv commercials. To use one for your ad, on the sign up page for your city insert the deal you want (you can change the price & wording).  You can also make your own deal.

Oil Change Discount
art photo tv dentist deal exam

Smog Inspection Discount
art photo tv dentist deal exam

Brake Special
art photo tv dentist deal exam

New Customer Special
art photo tv dentist deal exam

Air Conditioning Special
art photo tv dentist deal exam

Auto Detailing Discount
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