art-photo-tv-for-form Here are answers to questions you may have about advertising your business on local television with us.

1. Why should I advertise in your commercials?

Our television commercials are designed to make it low cost and incredibly easy for you to advertise your business on local tv. When a business owner thinks of tv advertising, many things often come to mind -- including high costs from hiring someone to write a script and make a commercial and signing up for a long term contract with the cable company running your ads. With, now you can easily and for low cost advertise your business on local tv. And quickly too, since in less than 5 minutes you can be on your way to advertising your business on tv.

2. How does it work?

Our commercials are shared tv commercials, so other businesses in your neighborhood will also be in the commercial. We try to get a good mix of local businesses in each commercial. 

3. What are the different types of commercials my business can appear in?

We offer two different commercials. One commercial, "Great Local Sales & Discounts," advertises businesses in the community that are currently offering sales, discounts, or special offers. The other commercial, "Spotlight on Local Businesses," is designed to encourage local residents to buy local and support neighborhood businesses. If you want to advertise a sale or discount, you should be in the "Great Local Sales & Discounts" commercials. If you want to simply inform people in your area about your business without offering a discount or other incentive, "Spotlight on Local Business" commercial is right for you.

4. How will my business appear in the commercial?

There will be a photo of your business and, depending on whether you’re in the ‘Great Local Sales &
Discounts" commercial or the "Spotlight on Local Businesses" commercial, details of sales you are having or a short description of your business. The photo will be on the screen for a minimum of 7 seconds. You specify the text that appears above your photo, so you have full control of how your business is shown.

5. How do I start?

Simply go to the commercials page for your area (click here), and then click on your city to find prices and details about being in our tv commercials in your city. To start, all you have to do is fill out a short form and email us a photo of your business and the text you want accompanying your photo. We will email you a proof of your tv ad before it is shown.