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Complete the order form below to advertise your business in "Great Local Sales & Deals" tv commercials in Cedar Falls, Iowa. These commercials are an easy, low cost way to advertise your sales and deals on tv and get more customers.
You get:
You Get:
Your restaurant advertised on tv with everything done for you
You select your dining deal that you want advertised on tv
Be in as many packages of tv commercials as you want
Super low cost way to attract customers
Takes minutes to sign up to be on tv
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Number of Commercials Your Business Will Be In
60 total (4 commercials per day for 2 weeks Monday thru Friday).
Channels & Times Your Commercials Will Show
Commercials are shown on CNN and Fox News. See scheulde of showing$1599
Viewing Area
San Diego East and North Inland zones of the Cox Cable zone map (see map). Approximately 219,000 cable tv households total.
That's under $3 a commercial to advertise your business on tv in Cedar Falls!

Being In "Great Local Sales & Deals"
TV Commercials In Cedar Falls Is Easy!
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