Firm Brochures For Business Lawyers

A firm brochure is an essential marketing tool and a cost-effective way to get expand services to clients, attract new clients and generate referrals. A brochure tells people about your firm and the services it provides to business owners. It also reminds them to call you for legal assistance and to refer friends and family to you.

Brochures Are Customized For You

We provide you with a sample brochure. You can make any changes you want to the text. We will fax you a draft before printing, and print only when you are completely satisfied

Tips For Using Your Brochure

  • Send to current and former clients. Your brochure informs people about your firm and reminds them to call you after an accident.
  • Give to potential clients. Everyone you meet is a potential client or referral source. When you send people a follow-up letter after meeting them, include a brochure.
  • Send to referral sources. Doctors, other attorneys, friends and other referral sources should receive your brochure. It tells them about your firm and encourages them to send you new clients.
  • Include in materials you give to new clients. This makes a positive impression on them.
  • Display in your office. Your brochure adds a professional image to your waiting area.
Brochures Are Tri-fold And Open To 8.5" x 11"
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Price List (Items BB1-BB4)
Copies Per Issue 250 500 1000 2500 over 2500
Price Per Issue $305 370 530 890 call for quote
Price includes everything -- setup, proofs and delivery.

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